About Us

ChichiMe (pronounced ShĒ‒ShĒ MĒ ) is a boutique founded with the core belief that the items you wear should make you feel beautiful while effortlessly communicating your uncompromised personality.

We offer the latest trends in accessories, jewelry and apparel by carefully selecting our items from manufacturers and artisans from all across the world. ChichiMe symbolizes a young, sexy, confident and adventurous lifestyle.  Our goal is to provide you fashionable pieces that will continue to make you look and feel forever beautiful.

Live. Love. Celebrate. Accessorize!



Once upon a time there was a girl born and raised in NYC. This girl notices glittery stickers at a local hallmark. She begins to collect sparkly stickers in a sticker book. All her friends want to see the sticker book at lunch. Everything shiny and alluring begins to attract this six-year old. Soon, the girl begins to admire 90’s icons Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Jennifer Love Hewitt, & Sarah Michele Gellar. She adores these women because they don’t follow but lead with their fashion & charisma. They set the standard.

In her senior year of high school, this girl spends months saving up for her prom outfit. She goes in to prom and feels like the most beautiful girl there. This girl begins to take more risks with her outfits by not caring about anyone’s opinions. Later, like many other hard-working women this girl goes to college & is finally out on her own. After graduation, she works for a thriving Fortune 500 company & earns a great living. But this was too mundane for her. She starts to remember her first love again, FASHION. She gives up working for this thriving company and creates something out her love of clothing & jewelry, ChichiMe. The girl was always a trendsetter but now she realizes it. What is this girls name you may ask? it is YOU! Yes, any girl that is allured with ChichiMe is a powerful fashionista. Our items are for every girl that fell in love with fashion, clothing, or jewelry before they fell in love with that boy in gym class. It is for every girl that doesn’t follow the rules but sets them. It’s for every girl that will do anything for there happily ever after no matter what it is! When you buy a product from ChichiMe, remember where it comes from; a girl that never apologized for what she wore and what her dreams were.